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CSG Committee

The CSG committee is planning to prepare a supplementary revision to Version 5 of the Code of Practice for Upstream Polyethylene Gathering Networks.

The purpose is to address minor updates in industry practice and issues that have been raised with the use of Version 5.

If you have experienced any issues with the application of Version 5 of the Code of Practice or its Companion Papers that have not already been identified in the list below, please add them for consideration by the committee via this form. The form will be open for contributions until Friday 13 May 2022.

If you would like to be part of the working groups to address these issues, you can sign up here.

CSG COP Issues

Section Sub section Issue Details
1 1 1 Update to suit V5S
2     No update proposed
3 3.6 Use of pipe with damage Do we need a industry accepted method to determine when a defect is excessive? Some CSG proponents have established their own. Is an industry wide version justified?
    Emerging Materials / Technologies Update required for: Emerging materials and technologies and PE other than PE100, Crack resistant (RC), Raised Temperature (RT), use of reinforced RTP (reinforced thermo plastic pipe), NDT? Are these a CoP or Companion Paper topics?
4 Table 4.5.2 Who uses all elements of this table? Increased strength test and increased QA/QC, are these applicable and used in CSG industry?
  4.6.3 Miners rule not sufficiently explained It is being adopted more and more. A worked example is warranted.
  Table 4.10 Only covers various utility owners Guidance for separation distance when the same utility owner to b considered.
  4.12 Separation of pipe to trench wall Not covered. Is comment necessary?
  4.12.1 Table numbering Table in section 4.12.1 V5 is currently titled Table 4.10. Correct title to be Table 4.12.1
  4.14 External loading Is enough guidance provided, reference to a AS? Where did 120kN come from? Separate external loading from blasting and seismic survey required.
  4.18/4.23 Overpressure protection. Is enough guidance as to where 110% came from presented? Is there enough guidance on water network “open path designs”?
5     No update proposed
6     No update proposed
7 Table 7.5 Improvements in notes Does notes cover concerns about fast weld fit up times required for small bore / thin wall butt welds? Likewise, does notes cover side wall “burn through” concerns? Burn through to be covered in CP?
  7.5 Re-word “between projects” Review wording on site welding assessments
  7.5.1 Golden welds Is treatment of golden welds consistent across industry?
  7.9 Production welding Review wording and frequency of production welding
8 8.2 Pressure test interruptions Suggest comments are made discussing when and how a pressure test interruption can be treated
  8.2.3&8.2.9 AS 2885.5 In latest revision of AS/NZS2885.5, a new calculation is presented to calculate throw distances. Does this need to be incorporated in CoP?
  8.4.1 Last bullet point Definition of “shall be less than 1.0” may need additional explanation Component Pre Test An example is needed for tapping saddles. Do these need a pre-test? If not say so.
  8.8 Approved pressure test course Which Training Courses are readily available? Alternative wording required.
9 9.4 Operational Data Update re a query for Sec 9.4 for “necessary operational data”
10     No update proposed
11 11.6.2 Condition Assessment Review of Assessment of residual life (part of condition assessment), see discussed in CP-11-001 Surveillance Patrols / Records Clarify an earlier query on Sec for “network surveillance patrol and other surveillance records”
  11.8.5/11.13 Remaining life review Review wording re the 10year review process. Is it being followed in industry?
Appendix A Radiation Contours Update Radiation Contours calculations and provide the background in update to CP-04-001
  B PCC-2 Sample calculations were not done on latest version of PCC-2.
  C Testing of Golden welds Revise wording to address concerns when squeeze offs need to be held for long periods. Are all CSG proponents using guidance on Golden Welds?
  D   No update proposed
Companion Papers      
  CP-02-001 Competency Available and no update proposed
  CP-02-002 UAV Available, but needs to be made more “user friendly”
  CP-03-001 PE Material Selection Available possible update required as per 3.6 above
  CP-03-002 PEX / PERT Not started – is an industry wide CP justified at this stage?
  CP-04-001 Design Factors Need clarification / worked example of mean wall pipe temperature. Update re radiation contours (see Appendix A above).
  CP-04-006 System Design Available and no update proposed
  CP-04-00X Mine Subsidence Not started – but seen as required.
  CP-05-001 Safety in construction Available and no update proposed
  CP-05-002 Ploughing Has been identified as needs an update to cover all various techniques
  CP-05-003 Trenchless construction Available and no update proposed
  CP-05-004 Survey Not started – is an industry wide CP justified at this stage?
  CP-06-001 Side Wall Fusion Not started, but justified (see Table 7.5 above)
  CP-06-002 Welding in previous service Not started – is an industry wide CP justified at this stage?
  CP-07-001 Inline Inspection Not started – is an industry wide CP justified at this stage?
  CP-08-001 Alternatives for Exclusion Zones Available and no update proposed
  CP-08-002 Strength test Available and no update proposed
  CP-08-003 Leak test Available and no update proposed
  CP-11-001 Condition assessment Update required – see above (11.6.2)
  CP-11-002 Flow stopping Available and no update proposed
  CP-11-004 Safety in operations Available and no update proposed
  CP-11-005 Isolating, Purging and Commissioning Not started – is an industry wide CP justified at this stage?
  CP-11-006 Reinforcement Clamp Not started – is an industry wide CP justified at this stage?
  CP-11-007 Guidelines for Emergency Response Not started – is an industry wide CP justified at this stage?
  CP-11-00X Integrity Management New Companion paper recommended to cover Integrity management of PE gathering

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