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Our Committees

Committee Overview

APGA has a strong system of committees to determine the industry's position on the wide range of current and future issues of interest to members. The committees oversee research and implement projects in many areas including developing guidelines and codes of practice, making submissions to inquiries held by governments and regulators, advocating the industry's position, and holding seminars and briefings that enable cross-industry learning.

Issues of interest to the pipeline and gas industries include public safety; workplace health and safety; social licence to operate; economic regulation of gas transmission pipelines; environmental challenges; heritage protection; industry standards and requirements; operations; changing land use; and challenges and opportunities for water pipelines.

All committee members are volunteers who give their time, energy and expertise to ensure the best possible outcome for the industry and public safety. Our committees help to increase awareness and understanding of Australia’s modern, competitive pipeline industry.

Members who have a strong commitment to the industry and who want to help ensure a positive future for the industry can nominate to participate on a committee by contacting the APGA secretariat.

Committee Detail

Want to join an APGA Committee?

If you would like to join an APGA Committee and contribute to the future of the pipelines and gas industry register your interest here:




Note that committee participation is only available to APGA Members and is not guaranteed as certain criteria, including financial contribution may need to be met.

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