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Owners Committee

Compressor Station 1 Sunset Moomba to Adelaide Pipeline System cropped
Compressor station 1 Moomba to Adelaide Pipeline System. Thanks to Epic Energy for the image.


The Owners Committee comprises senior executives of APGA’s owner members – those companies in the business of providing gas transmission and storage services to the gas market. The Committee guides APGA’s activities on climate and energy policy, gas market reform and advocacy for the gas transmission industry and advises the secretariat and Board on strategic and policy issues.

The Committee provides leadership and guidance for those aspects of APGA’s work that is directly relevant to owners of gas transmission infrastructure, with members having the ability to commit their organisation to an agreed APGA position on issues of advocacy, regulation and technical standards.

Our major infrastructure owners are also leading by example and working cooperatively for the benefit of our industry.

The APGA Pipeline Owners Committee was formally reconvened and recognised in 2010 with all major pipeline companies represented and actively involved.

The Committee meets at the highest level with Ministers, energy market bodies, government officials and key stakeholders to discuss important issues.


  • Generating the creation of the APGA Pipeline Corridor Committee.
  • Adding weight, credibility and profile to the industry’s conversations with senior politicians and bureaucrats.
  • Leading by example for the rest of the industry by cooperating in the best interests of our industry and our nation.


  • Presenting the case of pipeline business owners directly to government in a united way.
  • Addressing regulatory creep by governments, particularly the impact of the regulatory burden on, and economic intervention in, business.
  • Addressing standardisation of regulations across the country and ensuring regulations imposed in one market do not repeat the mistakes or unnecessarily duplicate those already existing in the other market.
  • Influencing the Government’s policies around investment in the industry – continuing to promote gas as the sensible transition fuel to meet the nation’s carbon emissions reduction targets.

Committee Members

Mr Clive D'Cruz Chair
Mr Darren Giri Committee Member
Ms Wendy Oldham Committee Member
Mr Darren Rogers Committee Member
Mr Sean Ward Committee Member
Mr Ben Wilson Committee Member

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