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CSG Committee

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Spider plough laying pipeline QCLNG project. Thanks to MPC Kinetic for the image.


The CSG Committee was instigated during the expansion of the industry in Australia in the 2000s. APGA members saw a need to develop a code of practice as new materials and technologies were being introduced. These members joined with the Plastic Industry Pipe Association of Australia and other interested parties to develop the code of practice.

The CSG Committee is made up of the CSG Steering Committee, the CSG Technical Committee and six Code of Practice working groups: Safety and Competency, Materials, Design and SMS Process, Construction, Testing and Communications, and Operations.

The members of the CSG Steering Committee are listed below.

New version in development

The next version of the Code of Practice, Version 5 Supplementary, will begin development this year. Further information is available here.

The APGA Code of Practice for Upstream Polyethylene Gathering Networks in the Coal Seam Gas Industry (the Code) has been developed to provide guidance to all industry participants. It encapsulates the best techniques and methods currently available and is cross-referenced to relevant Australian and international standards wherever possible. The latest edition is Version 5.

The APGA Code of Practice for Upstream PE Gathering Lines in the CSG Industry was developed to meet the evolving needs of the industry in Australia by representative members of all sections of the industry and through the support of the Plastics Industry Pipe Association of Australia Ltd (PIPA).

Initially made available only to APGA and PIPA members, the APGA Board determined in 2017 that the Code should be available to all those involved in the coal seam gas industry so that the best technical guidance is always accessible.

Version 5 of the APGA Code of Practice for Upstream Polyethylene Gathering Networks in the Coal Seam Gas Industry was published in September 2019. Version 5 has an accompanying series of Companion Papers which will be published as they become available. Feedback will be sought from the industry on the Companion Papers. To provide feedback, use the form.

The Code is referenced in Queensland legislation.

Committee Members

Mr Rehan Bukhari Committee Member
Mr Peter Cox Chair
Mr Steve Davies Committee Member
Mr Doug Herd Committee Member
Mr Mark Heathcote Committee Member
Mr Rhys Ward Committee Member

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