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Communication Preferences

How do I update my Communication Preferences? (the newsletters and emails you will receive) Communication Preferences can be updated off the link on any of the emails sent by APGA. Alternativly you can email


How do I register for an event?

Find the event you want to register for click on its title.

This will take you to the APGA Eventbrite landing page from where you can choose tickets and make payment.

On the page you will find Date, Time and Location

Registration Fees (including GST) for Members and Non Members

An option to Register attendee.

Step 1

Click on Get tickets.

Step 2
Select the ticket based on membership and increase the total to the relevant amount

For a table of 10, please purchase 10 tickets. 

Step 3

Click Checkout

Next window will allow for payment. 


Member log-on

Why can't I log-on? Your log-on from the old APGA site was not able to be transferred. Rather than allocate random new log-ons to everyone, we ask that the first time you log on to the new website you request a new password by clicking the Login button located on the top right corner of the home page. A small window will appear where you can request a new password using the email address attached to your account.

Non-member friends of APGA

I'm not a member of APGA but I'm interested in the pipeline industry. Can I receive information? Yes. You Subscribe to the APGA newsletter to receive updates on the latest's events and seminars. 

General FAQs

WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THIS WEBSITE? This website is designed to provide information, resources and other particulars on the Pipeline and gas industry. It serves as a valuable source for industry participants, state and federal government and media to research and utilise that information.
IS THERE A COST TO ACCESS THE CONTENT ON THIS WEBSITE? No, all content on this website is freely accessible. There are no charges for browsing or engaging with the information provided. However, all rights are reserved, and terms and conditions apply to reproducing the content. See our terms and conditions for more detail.
HOW OFTEN IS THE CONTENT UPDATED ON THIS WEBSITE? We strive to regularly update our content to ensure relevance and accuracy. The frequency of updates depends on the nature of the information and industry changes. We cannot bear responsibility for any errors or omissions in the information provided.
CAN I CONTRIBUTE CONTENT OR SUBMIT ARTICLES TO BE FEATURED ON THE WEBSITE? We appreciate your interest! While we may not currently accept user submissions, feel free to reach out through our contact page if you have suggestions or ideas for collaboration.
HOW DO I NAVIGATE THROUGH THE WEBSITE TO FIND SPECIFIC INFORMATION? The website is organised into sections for easy navigation. You can use the menu or search bar to locate specific topics. If you have trouble finding something, contact us for assistance.
ARE THERE ANY UPCOMING EVENTS OR WEBINARS HOSTED BY THIS WEBSITE? Check the "Events" or "Schedule" section for information on upcoming events or webinars. We often host Webinar, networking dinners and golf days that you may find interesting.
IS THERE A NEWSLETTER OR SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE AVAILABLE FOR UPDATES? Yes, you can subscribe to our newsletter for regular updates. Enter your email in the subscription box to stay informed about the latest content and announcements.
HOW CAN I CONTACT THE WEBSITE ADMINISTRATOR OR SUPPORT TEAM? For inquiries, feedback, or support, visit the "Contact Us" page. You can reach us through the provided form, email, or other contact methods listed.
CAN I SHARE CONTENT FROM THIS WEBSITE ON SOCIAL MEDIA? Absolutely! Feel free to share any content you find interesting or valuable. Most pages have social media sharing buttons for your convenience.
IS THERE A MOBILE APP AVAILABLE FOR THIS WEBSITE? Currently, we do not have a dedicated mobile app. However, our website is optimised for mobile browsers, providing a seamless experience on smartphones and tablets.
HOW DO I UNSUBSCRIBE FROM NEWSLETTERS OR EMAIL UPDATES? You can easily unsubscribe from our newsletter by clicking the "Unsubscribe" link at the bottom of any email you receive from us.
ARE THERE ANY DISCUSSION FORUMS OR COMMUNITY FEATURES ON THIS WEBSITE? While we don't currently have discussion forums, we encourage community engagement. Follow us on LinkedIn for discussions, updates, and interaction with other users.
DO YOU OFFER LIVE CHAT SUPPORT FOR IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCE? Currently, we do not provide live chat support. For assistance, please use the contact form or email
HOW CAN I SHARE MY EXPERIENCE OR PROVIDE SUGGESTIONS FOR IMPROVEMENT? We value your feedback! Use the "Contact Us" page to share your experiences or suggestions. Your input helps us continually enhance our content and services.
HOW DO I CREATE AN ACCOUNT? To create an account, simply click on the "member" or "Register" button located on the header navigation. Follow the on-screen instructions, and you'll be guided through the account creation process.
WHAT BENEFITS COME WITH CREATING AN ACCOUNT? If your organisation has a membership with the APGA, you will automatically be registered as a member with us and gain access to the “Members Only” section of the website, as well as receive member only communication from the APGA.
HOW DO I NAVIGATE THROUGH THE WEBSITE? Answer: Our website is designed with user-friendly navigation. You can use the main menu or header or footer to explore different sections. If you're looking for something specific, use the search bar located on the header.
IS MY PERSONAL INFORMATION SECURE ON THIS WEBSITE? Yes, we take the security of your personal information seriously. Our website employs the latest security measures to ensure that your data is protected.
HOW CAN I RESET MY PASSWORD IF I FORGET IT? If you forget your password, click on the "Forgot Password" link on the login page. Follow the instructions sent to your registered email to reset your password securely.
HOW DO I CONTACT CUSTOMER SUPPORT? For any inquiries or assistance, our customer support team is ready to help. You can reach us through
HOW DO I UPDATE MY PROFILE INFORMATION? To update your profile information, log in to your account and navigate to the "Profile" or "Account Settings" section. Here, you can edit and save changes to your personal details.
WHAT DO I DO IF I ENCOUNTER TECHNICAL ISSUES ON THE WEBSITE? If you experience technical issues, try clearing your browser cache and cookies. If the problem persists, please contact our technical support team at
ARE THERE ANY RESTRICTIONS ON WHO CAN ACCESS CERTAIN CONTENT OR FEATURES ON THE WEBSITE? Some content or features may have restrictions based on user accounts and is restricted to Members Only.

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