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REnewable Gas Target

Pipeline Emissions Reduction

Australia’s pipeline methane and gas combustion emissions reduction opportunities

The Australian Pipelines and Gas Association (APGA) has released a game changing study on emissions reduction opportunities for Australia's gas transmission network. Conducted by Worley Consulting, this analysis identifies strategies to reduce both fugitive methane and gas combustion emissions, aligning with the industry's goal of achieving net zero emissions by 2050.

The study examines various initiatives to abate emissions over the next decade. Key opportunities examined include capturing compressor seal gas leakage, implementing leak detection and repair programs, electrifying energy demand, and switching to renewable gas. The economic viability of these strategies is assessed based on factors such as assumed carbon pricing, fuel gas savings, and renewable energy costs. Particularly insightful findings include:
  • Most identified methane emissions reduction opportunity can be implemented at a lower cost than the Safeguard Mechanism's $75 ACCU cap.
  • Contrary to initial observations, eliminating gas-actuated valves proved to be one of the costlier options with lower reduction potential.
  • Transitioning compressors to renewable gas is more cost-effective than electrification, particularly when grid connection is required.
  • Electric water heater replacements can be nearly as cost-effective as transitioning to renewable gas, but only when using heat pump-based electric heating solutions.

This report provides data-driven insights for pipeline operators, policymakers, and energy sector stakeholders. It quantifies the potential environmental impact of various abatement strategies and addresses implementation challenges and economic considerations. The study aims to assist the Australian gas pipeline industry in making informed decisions about emissions reduction strategies, considering both economic and environmental factors in the context of evolving energy policies and markets.

The gas pipelines industry is committed to doing its part to meet net zero.

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