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Pipeline Engineering

Welcome to APGA’s pipeline engineering section where you will find information about training and skills development in the pipeline industry.

APGA is leading our industry’s efforts to ensure we have people with the necessary skills and experience to build and operate pipelines both now, and into the future.

APGA’s Board has issued a statement on the APGA Pipeline Engineer Competency System and on registering as an Oil and Gas Pipeline Engineer. Read it here.

Pipeline Engineer Training

APGA has developed a competency-based framework and a number of tools and resources to assist APGA members in pipeline engineer training and development in both the onshore and offshore sectors. These materials also assist in understanding and applying the industry standard which is essential to maintaining the high levels of safety that characterise Australia’s pipeline industry. As a result of APGA’s negotiations, qualified engineers are now able to become registered as oil and gas pipeline engineers.

Competency System

APGA’s competency system for pipeline engineers includes sets of competency standards for onshore and offshore pipeline engineers that define the range of engineering competencies required by the industry for pipeline design, construction and operation. The APGA Pipeline Engineer Competency System defines competency for pipeline engineers and provides a common industry framework for determining when a pipeline engineer has the expertise to undertake particular pipeline engineering roles. The competency system can also assist companies to assess the range of competencies their engineers have and to identify any gaps. Using the assessment tools can enhance the process of developing individual and team training and development plans. They will also help training providers structure programs and enable engineers and the organisations they work for to plan careers paths.

Tools and Resources

APGA has developed tools for individuals and teams to make competency assessment easy. Members can explore the assessment tools and find out how to match your requirements to courses and training offered using the tools designed to help.

Access to the PECS

Access to the PECS is limited to APGA members who have a licence to use them in their daily work. Copyright in the PECS is held by APGA. Read the copyright statement here.

All elements of the APGA Pipeline Engineering Competency System have been duplicated for APGA Members on the new PECS platform with the APGA Knowledgebase. Please use your X-Info log-on and the link to access on the new platform. It will be accessible from noon AEST on Wednesday 16 September 2020.

If you need an X-Info log-on, please contact us.

From 1 March 2021, the PECS will no longer be available on this site.

Pipeline Engineer Registration

Registration in the special area of practice of Oil and Gas Pipeline Engineering is now available. Registration is based on the standards in the APGA Pipeline Engineer Competency System and the APGA Pipeline Engineering Competency Portfolio must be included in the application. Find out more.

Vocational Education and Training

APGA is a member of the Gas Industry Reference Committee which directs the review, development and implementation of the nationally endorsed training package for the gas industry.

Other Training Opportunities

Technical Seminars

APGA runs a series of technical seminars where members and other experts make presentations about design, construction and operation and maintenance of pipelines. The schedule is available on the events site.

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