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Social licence to operate training registration



Understanding the social licence to operate and managing the social licence are increasingly important issues for all industries.

The Future Fuels Cooperative Research Centre has developed an education and training package to build an understanding of the concept of social licence to operate and to outline and develop the skills required to proactively manage the social licence, particularly as it applies to future fuels.

The online training package is available to all APGA members.




The training is presented by expert facilitators Professor Peta Ashworth OAM and Dr Kathy Witt, from the University of Queensland. It takes the form of an online masterclass and focuses on the theories and methods underpinning a social licence to operate and draws on real world case studies as examples. It aims to deepen conceptual understanding of social licence issues and of how project activities can impact on and be impacted by stakeholder perceptions. It aims to provide guidance on gaining and maintaining a social licence to operate through effective engagement with project stakeholders.

Participants will be introduced to tools and skills to recognise social licence issues and to build positive relationships with local communities and other stakeholder interests.

The program includes:

  • An introduction to SLO – what it is and why it is important.
  • A framework for operationalising SLO.
  • Stakeholder mapping, approaches and principles for effective engagement.
  • SLO interactions with policy & regulatory environments.
  • Case studies of effective and ineffective examples.
  • A complete study guide.
  • Interviews highlighting tips and experiences from real world SLO practitioners.

The program includes activities and exercises to apply the learnings to your own work, with additional readings and resources to support your further professional development. There is a general test of understanding at the end. The program is estimated to take three to four hours a week over about four weeks, but the program can be undertaken at your own pace.

The program is free to partners of the Future Fuels CRC for the first year of its operation, so register now.

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