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APGA Membership


APGA is the peak body representing Australasia’s pipeline infrastructure. Our membership is broad, representing all aspects of the pipeline industry. Many of our members have a focus on gas transmission, and many are also involved in the transportation of other products, such as oil, water and slurry. Our members include constructors, owners, operators, advisers, engineering companies and suppliers of pipeline products and services.

Value of APGA

Membership of APGA offers the opportunity to collaborate and network with Australian leading experts on issues that affect the entire pipeline industry.

The Australian pipeline industry is a close-knit, highly professional workforce that has collectively delivered and operates tens of billions of dollars’ worth of infrastructure across the varied and challenging environments Australia and the region have to offer. Sharing information, ideas and experiences is an important part of the APGA membership experience. The industry understands that our success and reputation depend on everyone performing to the highest standard. Our members are more than willing to help each other to do that through our committees and our technical events. The level of knowledge and experience-sharing technical is something that sets APGA apart from other associations. The exposure to expertise and information that comes from participation in APGA’s activities and events offers something for every organisation operating in the pipeline industry.

Through collaboration and concensus building, APGA bring the sectors of the pipeline industry together to establish and maintain industry standards, advocate for regulatory and policy change, promote the industry’s performance and expertise and deliver outcomes that work for owners, operators, contractors, suppliers and service providers alike.

And the opportunities to network are extensive: with more than 25 events held annually, there is a lively exchange of information and the latest developments in the pipeline and gas industries. APGA membership also increases the industry’s influence in the national energy debate and in the development of government policy, including regulatory matters, that impact on profitability and future investment.

The APGA Annual Conference and Exhibition is the main event in the calendar of the pipeline industry providing opportunities for participants from all sectors of the industry to exhibit their goods to major companies and decision-makers.

APGA lobbies government at all levels on issues relevant to the industry and, through the Research and Standards Committee, in partnership with the Energy Pipelines Cooperative Research Centre, coordinates internationally recognised research in conjunction with the US-based Pipeline Research Council International Inc and the European Pipeline Research Group.

One of APGA's committees. the Young Pipeliners Forum, provides an avenue for young people to increase their involvement in the industry through networking and technical events, and through providing scholarship opportunities to attend international events of significance to the industry.

Categories of membership

APGA has six levels of membership: Owner, Lead, Corporate, Individual, Employee and Honorary Life Membership. The first three categories are classed as Full Membership, which entitles holders to a broader range of services, to participate in elections for the Board of Directors and to stand for election to the APGA Board of Directors.

APGA also awards Honorary Life Membership to those who have made an outstanding contribution to the Company or the pipeline industry. See our Honorary Life Members.

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