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APGAJan 18, 2024 12:01:06 PM1 min read

APGA welcomes government leadership in turbocharging the renewable gas revolution.

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The Australian Pipelines and Gas Association (APGA) warmly welcomes the leadership of the Federal and Tasmanian governments in delivering a $70 million boost to domestic hydrogen production in Bell Bay, which should play a big role in advancing the domestic gas industry’s journey toward renewable gases.

In November 2023, the Tasmanian Government released its Future Gas Strategy which supported the rapid development of renewable gases such as biomethane and hydrogen, and recognised the importance of consumer choice by ruling out mandates or moratoriums against new gas connections.

The Strategy correctly identified that without an orderly transition utilising natural and renewable gases, Tasmanian businesses would be forced offshore or to revert to more emissions-intensive fuel sources for their operations, such as diesel and black coal – both of which emit significantly more greenhouse gas.

Commencing construction this year, with industrial-scale hydrogen production to begin by 2028, the Bell Bay facility must play a major role to decarbonise Tasmanian homes, businesses, and gas infrastructure.

APGA chief executive Steve Davies said utilising existing infrastructure to deliver decarbonised energy to households and industry will be vital to fast-tracking the energy transition at the lowest consumer cost.

“Through projects like Bell Bay, Australia can have an outsized impact in reducing global emissions by using hydrogen locally to create low-carbon products such as green steel and ammonia,” Mr Davies said.

“The least-cost way to transport energy for local use is via pipelines, and Australia is in front by transitioning the first natural gas pipeline to hydrogen in WA as part of the industry’s sustainable future.”



The Australian Pipelines and Gas Association (APGA) represents the owners, operators, designers, constructors, and service providers of Australia’s pipeline infrastructure, connecting natural and renewable gas production to demand centres in cities and other locations across Australia. Our members offer a wide range of services to gas users, retailers and producers and ensure the safe and reliable delivery of 28 per cent of the end-use energy consumed in Australia.



For further information or the opportunity to engage with Mr Steve Davies please contact:
Paul Purcell

Corporate Affairs Manager

0422 247 750



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