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APGANov 6, 2023 6:44:46 PM1 min read

AER Pipeline Access Dispute Guide

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The Australian Pipelines and Gas Association (APGA) represents the owners, operators, designers, constructors and service providers of Australia’s pipeline infrastructure, connecting natural and renewable gas production to demand centres in cities and other locations across Australia. Offering a wide range of services to gas users, retailers and producers, APGA members ensure the safe and reliable delivery of 28 per cent of the end-use energy consumed in Australia and are at the forefront of Australia’s renewable gas industry, helping achieve net-zero as quickly and affordably as possible.

APGA welcomes the opportunity to provide comments on the AER’s Pipeline Access Dispute Guide. APGA appreciates that the AER has been proactive in engaging with stakeholders on this and other issues.

Overall, the AER has presented a comprehensive and streamlined approach to resolving pipeline access disputes. This approach reflects and respects the rights and responsibilities of both shippers and the AER in efficiently resolving disputes. APGA particularly appreciates the design of the mediation pathway for smaller shippers, which will provide a simple pathway to dispute resolution without necessarily requiring adjudication or arbitration.

APGA thanks the AER for its ongoing engagement with industry on these matters.

To discuss any of the above feedback further, please contact me on +61 422 057 856 or


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National Policy Manager
Australian Pipelines and Gas Association



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