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APGADec 14, 2023 11:39:04 AM1 min read

How do I access the APGA Knowledgebase?

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How do I access the APGA Knowledgebase?

The APGA Knowledgebase, accessible via the X-Info platform, stands as a cornerstone for members of the pipeline industry. With its extensive collection of technical data, seminar materials, project documents, and more, it serves as an indispensable reference for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Take advantage of this reservoir of knowledge, leveraging its insights to bolster your understanding and expertise in the dynamic landscape of the pipeline industry.


Accessing the APGA Knowledgebase on X-Info Platform

Access to the Knowledgebase is exclusive to APGA members. Ensure your membership is active and up-to-date to gain entry.


Logging In

  1. Visit the X-Info Platform: Go to the designated link provided by APGA or access the platform via the official website. Or simply click here - WebConnect 6.6 (
  2. Login Credentials: Use your APGA membership credentials to log in securely to the X-Info platform, or if you have updated your WebConnect credentials since the first initial log in, use the most up to date credentials.
  3. Forgotten password: to regain lost or forgotten passwords, click on the “RESET PASSWORD” link on the WebConnect page.
  4. First time logging in: if this is your first-time logging into the WebConnect portal as a new member please contact Katy Spence to gain access.



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