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APGAFeb 20, 2024 3:38:50 PM1 min read

Public Comment is invited for: DR AS 4822:2024, External field joint coatings for steel pipelines

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Draft standard is available for commenting

Comment Start Date: 14/02/2024Comment End Date: 27/03/2024

You can view the draft with latest comments and provide your feedback here:

 The ME-038 Main Committee thanks the ME-038-08 subcommittee, lead by David Anderson, in progressing the revision to draft stage.  If you have questions or feedback, please contact David or alternatively ME-038 Chair Susan Jaques.



During their development process, Australian Standards are available in draft form during the public consultation period to allow any interests concerned with the application of the proposed Standard to review the draft and submit their comments. 

This draft is liable to alteration. It is not to be regarded as an Australian Standard until finally issued as such by Standards Australia.

Upon successful conclusion of the Public Comment period it is proposed to publish this Standard as AS 4822.



This Standard was prepared by the Australian members of the Standards Australia/Standards New Zealand Committee ME-038, Petroleum Pipelines, to supersede AS 4822:2018.

The objective of this document is to provide manufacturers, suppliers, specifiers and users of oil and gas pipelines information on the application of and testing requirements for external field joint coatings (FJCs) of seamless or welded steel pipelines for onshore steel pipelines.

The major changes in this edition are as follows:
(a) Type tests are more clearly identified and a definition has been added.
(b) Some tests have been reclassified as Type tests.
(c) An electrical resistivity type test has been added for liquid applied coatings.
(d) The peel rate for polymeric tape laboratory testing has been changed to align with the rate used for field testing.
(e) Some peel test requirements have been changed for tape coatings and ALVPC.

The terms “normative” and “informative” are used in Standards to define the application of the appendices to which they apply. A “normative” appendix is an integral part of a Standard, whereas an “informative” appendix is only for informational and guidance. 




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