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APGAMay 22, 2024 11:29:18 AM2 min read

Gas generation is the cheapest to build but urgent CIS reforms necessary

Today’s CSIRO GenCost analysis has confirmed that open cycle gas power plants have the ...
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APGAMay 17, 2024 10:39:21 AM2 min read

APGA welcomes federal bipartisanship on the role of gas

The Australian Pipeline and Gas Association (APGA) welcomes the Federal Opposition’s ...
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APGAMay 15, 2024 9:24:14 AM2 min read

Federal Budget helps chart the journey from natural gas today to renewable gas tomorrow

The Australian Pipeline and Gas Association (APGA) warmly welcomes a bold and ambitious ...
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APGAMay 9, 2024 2:31:12 PM2 min read

Future Gas Strategy is a decisive step toward addressing Australian energy challenges

The Australian Pipeline and Gas Association (APGA) welcomes the Federal Government’s ...
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APGAApr 30, 2024 11:07:06 AM2 min read

all pathways lead to renewable gas FOR australian industry

Tuesday 30 April 2024
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APGAMar 21, 2024 8:51:51 AM2 min read

Urgent action needed to bring on gas supply and keep Australia’s economy moving

The Australian Pipeline and Gas Association (APGA) says the 2024 Gas Statement of ...
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APGAFeb 14, 2024 12:11:26 PM1 min read

Emergency gas generation comes to the rescue of the Victorian energy system.

Fast-start gas generation has helped Victoria avoid further rolling blackouts after a ...
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APGAJan 18, 2024 12:01:06 PM1 min read

APGA welcomes government leadership in turbocharging the renewable gas revolution.

The Australian Pipelines and Gas Association (APGA) warmly welcomes the leadership of the ...
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APGAJan 8, 2024 11:34:29 AM2 min read

Victorian Government must finally embrace the role of gas in the energy transition

Indefinite delays to Victoria’s offshore wind program has highlighted the vital role of ...
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